Dog Updates

Monday, February 11, 2008

Well a lot's certainly happened since my last update!

The owner/co-owner of many of the dogs I've blogged about and I had some personal issues we couldn't work through and ended up going our separate ways. Hawk has since moved to her new home in Ohio where she'll continue to do agility with her new family, and Rhymer has moved to his new home in South Carolina where he will also continue to do agility with his new family.

Merlin is still very much here, and seems to be feeling better than ever! Dewy has also made it clear he isn't ready to retire, so we're working on finding things he can enjoy doing. Rio has also found new joy in clicker training, so who knows - maybe he'll decide to try something like rally, or possibly agility. We'll see :)

Here're the videos from Hawk and I's last weekend trialling together