Merlin and Hawk

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Well not a whole lot of agility going on right now - too much snow and mud! So far we have a couple trials coming up, so will be trying to find some time to work Hawk (the only one entered til April).

So far we've got: January 12 & 13 - CISSC - Pawsitive Partners - Hawk (Ex A Std & Jww)
February 1-3 - GLKC - Greater Lafayette Kennel Club - Hawk (Ex A Std & Jww)

and then maybe none til April 19 & 20 - PPB - Sports Club II - Merlin (Ex B Std & JWW)

Will post any videos/etc if I get some before the next trial, otherwise may not have another entry til January 12 :)