Thursday, July 5, 2007

Common people/animals to be mentioned in this blog:

Me: I'm Jenn Stanley. I'm in college as a Telecommunications major - which basically means someone that works behind the scenes at a TV station doing video editing and such. I'm also an agility instructor at Agility Dreams in Muncie, Indiana. I started in agility in 2002. I also do obedience (not currently competing) and conformation. I compete primarily in AKC, and occasionally in USDAA.

Dewy: Shetland Sheepdog male (neutered). Born 9/11/2002. He has his NA, NAJ, CD, and CGC. He also has 2 CDX legs, 1 OA leg, 2 OAJ legs, and 1 leg each toward his NAP and NJP. Retired, but enjoys playing agility at home occasionally.

Rio: Shetland Sheepdog male (neutered). Born 10/24/2003. He has his CGC, but is highly noise sensitive/high flight risk. He lives with my mom, and enjoys playing agility at home only.

Merlin: Shetland Sheepdog male. Born 9/7/2004. He has his PT, AX, AXJ, SSA, and CGC. He also has 3 MXJ legs, and is one pairs leg short of his AD and shows in conformation. He loves to do it all.

Hawk: Shetland Sheepdog female. Born 1/18/2004. She has her PT and HSAs. She has her agility debut this weekend. She is a half-sister to Merlin.

Titles explained:
AGILITY: NA, NAJ - AKC Novice Standard/Novice Jumpers With Weaves. OA, OAJ, - AKC Open Standard/Open Jumpers With Weaves. AX, AXJ - AKC Excellent A Standard/Excellent A Jumpers With Weaves. NAP, NJP - AKC Novice Preferred Standard/Novice Preferred Jumpers With Weaves. SSA - USDAA Starters Standard.
AD - USDAA Starters "versatility" title.
OBEDIENCE: CD - AKC Novice Obedience. CDX - AKC Open Obedience. CGC - AKC Canine Good Citizen.
HERDING: PT - AKC Pre-Trial Tested.